About the Company

Pioneers in the Field of Self-Help Stress Management 

Fran and Tova met in Oklahoma City in 1993. Fran had been living there for several months, teaching an education based on correcting learning dysfunction. Tova was living in the area, playing violin professionally. When intermittent paralysis began to threaten Tova’s career, her massage therapist suggested she take Fran’s class. Even though Tova had overcome dyslexia using coping mechanisms to  allow her success in school, she had no idea that her long ago problem could contribute to her present time issues. Fran’s education and help not only corrected Tova’s paralysis, but also further released the historical dyslexic issues. This was the beginning of their study in stress management. Tova was excited and impressed that such simple solutions could cause such dynamic changes in conditions that had plagued her from childhood. As a result, she asked Fran, “Can we do this process every day?” Fran was elated at this suggestion. She had learned so many great processes in the path to wellness and yet knew there was so much more to be learned. Tova was the first person who was as willing to work as Fran worked, in order to find greater answers.

In the summer of 1995, Fran and Tova moved to St. Augustine Beach, Florida. They were committed to work together to find the answers they believed possible. They agreed to combine resources for one year and just investigate. Using a system of applied kinesiology that Fran had learned, they researched within themselves for the answers. They worked long hours every day. The answers began to form into a system of simple practices that they used every day. At the end of a year, they were obviously very different individuals.

The few good friends they had made during that year began to notice the changes. They asked Fran and Tova to teach them their stress management and release system. The first class had just four students. Stress Release Technology was born, and took off immediately in a big way. Word of mouth brought groups, individuals and companies – the process proved itself over and over.

stress managementFran and Tova opened their first office on Masters Drive in St. Augustine. While there, a client came who had been brain damaged at birth, being deprived of oxygen. He had barely made it through school and had only passed his GED on his last possible try at age 20. He was a gifted artist and was attending the Florida School of the Arts, but even with a tutor four hours a day, every day, he was failing his academics. This young man was so attention deficit that he would tell people up front and with no hesitation, that he would need reminding of what had been said during any current conversation in order to discuss anything. Prior to studying with SRT, this young man had gone through a year of EEG training with no observable results. After three months of studying and practicing SRT, his EEG practitioner was astounded at what his brain map showed. She immediately called his mother (a close friend) and asked if he had had a brain transplant! “This is not the brain that I observed before”, she said. This changed brain map clearly showed Fran and Tova and all of their clients, the reason for the success of the SRT system. Not only did this young man have the proof of his brain map, but more importantly to him, he was passing his academics with B’s and C’s without any tutoring. As a bonus, he began exploding with creativity in his artwork. In one show, he sold over $1000.00 of art and was asked to do a one person show in a professional gallery. And this was from a young man who had previously thought his only hope of career would be as a bus boy.

In 2001, after 9/11, Fran’s family encouraged Fran and Tova to move closer to them in North Carolina. They moved to Tryon and began teaching and practicing. In 2002, they met and began working with the owner and manager of Garner’s Natural Market and Café in Greenville, SC. When Garner’s expanded, they invited SRT to practice in their new Holistic Center, which they did until 2008, when Garner’s changed location. Fran and Tova were then invited to practice with friends and owners of Migun of Greenville, in South Carolina and then Free Spirit Yoga in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.