Causes of Stress

Identify The Causes of Your Stress

Unresolved issues from our past cause our present time stress. No matter what the present time issue may be, your brain references back to past experiences in order to determine how to identify and handle present time situations. You may be aware of this behavior when trying to learn about something new. For example, when people inquire about Stress Release Technology, instead of fully engaging in the present moment of explanation, they will often reference to their prior knowledge of something else, be it yoga or meditation. While these are wonderful practices, they are not the same as SRT, and the person will misunderstand the present explanation while trying to reference back to a past experience. This is a common occurrence in brain function that serves us well for memory recall, but sadly falls short in learning new information.

A similar circumstance occurs when trying to deal with present time stressors. The brain will automatically reference back to past experience in order to figure out how to deal with the present time situation. While this may serve you well when trying to remember how you fixed the computer the last time it crashed, it doesn’t serve you well if you “dive bombed” your computer off the balcony the last time it crashed. No matter what the present time issue is, if you were sufficiently clear of past time issues, you would be able to think your way clearly through present time situations. 

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causes of stressOne of the problems with past reference is: a predominant amount of learning takes place in us before we have learned language and have the conscious, subconscious connection to identify our imprinting. The body remembers and reacts, but we have no conscious memory of the imprinting. Another contributor to the confusion is the state of the baby’s sensing mechanism. A baby’s senses are much more acute than an adult’s. (This is why baby food is often so bland to most adults.) Therefore, what would pass unnoticed by an adult becomes overstimulation or stress for the baby. In most cases, the baby and the adults involved will never know that a stressor has just affected the baby’s imprinting and sense memory. Over time, these stress imprints accumulate and cause a stress reaction in the baby who has now grown to adulthood. This adult, unfortunately has no conscious memory of the babyhood inception of stress. Nevertheless the adult reacts to present time stimuli based on referencing back to this first stress inception.

Causes of Stress – Learn More About the Origins of Stress

Stress chemistry is created when our bodies move out of normal chemical balance into the unbalanced chemistry of fight or flight survival. Through constant chemicalization of stress hormones we teach our system to remain hyper alert to constant imagined threat.