Stress Release Technology Client Letters

February 5, 2010

Dear Fran and Tova,

Thanks so much for the insight yet again last week. I wanted to say that I have made great strides of progress working with you. It occurred to me that we have been working now for 7 years and I am glad that I know you and the Stress Release techniques and exercises.

I have been diligent with this process over these years with great outcomes. I have progressed to a point where I have released so many things in my way that I can now really choose to design the life that I want.

It's a surprising discovery that we have stressors in our way and that we would rather stick to them and the unconscious hold they have, rather than work to become who we really are.

I am certain that I am moving more into who I am now than I have been able to in the past. I am so aware of the stress patterns and I spot them more quickly. In the time we have worked together I have recovered my creative talents, and opened my design studio. I have received a raise and recognition at my corporate job along with a corner office. Also, I have gone back to dance again. Now I am actually a member of a dance performance group. I had always wanted to do this, yet in my youth I always failed to be able to follow and remember the routines. Now I am literally shocked that not only do I get the steps, I learn them instantly!

It's amazing how much energy I have freed to live my life with. I have let go of my inhibiting money tapes and I am learning that I can use my resources instead of  holding on to them for some future time.

I hope to see myself leap this year into a new way of being that I could never imagine before. I have only just begun. Thanks for being there to help me through and to witness this change. It is more meaningful as you have cared about my progress.

Kindest Regards,



May 5, 2009

Dear Fran and Tova,

I cannot thank you enough for developing Stress Release Technology. I would recommend SRT to anyone who wants to feel personal empowerment and growth. The most beautiful and unique aspect of SRT is that I was able to direct my own progress. I was able to use SRT to help me beat addiction, speak my truth, and transform my frustrated energy into creativity and drive. This process was exactly what I needed to embrace my personal strengths and move forward with my abilities. SRT is AMAZING! I am extremely grateful!

Love, Christa  (high school senior) 

May 2, 2002

Dear Fran and Tova,

I've been involved for 24 years as a professional in the natural foods industry. I am fortunate through my work to have the best organic foods, supplements and nutritional advice available to anyone. I also had the best in professional advice, treatment and support from both traditional and alternative fields. Yet, as you know, when we met I was facing (at 46 years old) a potentially life threatening disease. My relationships with several of my four young adult children were strained. I was constantly depressed, feeling very sick and hopeless. I wanted to cry all the time, which I did most of the time through my first two sessions of Class I. I couldn't seem to make any sound decisions concerning my personal life, my children and professional challenges.

I am extremely grateful our store activities brought you two in contact with me, especially at this very difficult time in my life. I can't thank both of you enough for the dramatic, positive changes in my life that your Class I helped me gain. Your class has helped me completely turn my life around. Everything has improved from personal relationships with family and friends to a new sense of clarity concerning where I am going and what I need to do to "get there."

Thank you, thank you!! These words seem hardly adequate, but you both know and I know what your education has helped me through. Although life's challenges will never end, I am confident that I will be able to make wise choices because of the techniques that you have taught me. So many wonderful things have happened to me since I have followed your techniques. Best of all is that I am happy again and have continued to get well and strong in all facets of my life.

It's so hard for me to explain how your Stress Release Technology works or exactly what "IT" is. All I can say is that it DOES WORK! I am very grateful. Your class has so much to offer anyone, and I wish I could explain it with more science, but I highly recommend Stress Release Technology education to anyone wanting to improve the quality of their lives.

All this, just five weeks after my Class I. Amazing!


Candace W. Garner (Candy)

Trenton, FL April 4, 1997

My husband and I attended the Stress Release Class at the beach on March 22 and I just wanted to update you on what has happened to me since then.

If you recall, after we performed the techniques during the class, I told you that I have had constant pain in my neck for at least four years, yet the pain just disappeared as we did the movements. I continued to have no neck pain until the following Saturday. I was faithful about doing the exercises twice a day until Thursday, the 27th. I did my morning exercises, but got home very late and did not do the evening set. I also did not do them at all on Friday and woke up with neck pain Saturday am. I was running late, however, and was not able to do the exercises until Saturday night. I had neck pain all day Saturday, but it disappeared while I was doing the exercises that night! I have returned to my twice-a-day routine and have had no neck pain since!

Because of 5 herniated disks in my lower back, for the past ten years, the degree of pain in this area has ranged from excruciating to a dull ache, but always some discomfort. Since April 4, my lower back pain has slowly and steadily decreased. Currently, I just have some mild aches and stiffness in the morning, but am pain free during the day.

I have also noticed the same reactions that I mentioned to you that happened after you taught us the eye muscle release at the club meeting where we met. I have extreme astigmatism and even with glasses my eyesight is poor. Although, I cannot actually prove my actual eyesight has corrected without a doctor's exam, I definitely have seen a change in how much clearer everything appears to me. I have a check-up scheduled as you suggested to all of us in the class.

I have had trouble sleeping for months, often waking up around 2 or 3 am unable to go back to sleep. Even when I did sleep through the night, I woke up groggy and dull feeling. Since the class I have been sleeping the entire night and wake up earlier and feeling rested!

Although all of these physical improvements are totally wonderful, I am most amazed by the psychological behavior changes I am experiencing. It is all pretty amazing to my husband and to me.

In 1994 I left a law firm where I had been employed for eleven years. The first six years there were great. Then the firm took in new partners and everything changed. In less than a year I began to hate my job, but could not bring myself to leave. I hung on for five miserable years, hoping in vain that the situation would improve. During that time my work week increased from 35 to 50 plus hours and employee benefits and raises were decreased. No matter how bad it got, I dragged by feet about leaving and could not understand why. In the past I had been a person of action, but after eleven years at this job I had become almost immobile. I finally forced myself to look for another job, but it was extremely painful and difficult.

In April 1994, I accepted my current position as office manager and head book keeper for four family owned businesses. I accepted this job because I was told there was no overtime. It was a lie. During the past three years I have worked more overtime and endured more stress than I ever dreamed possible. I was promised great things if I just hung on and, like an idiot, I did. No one, including me, could understand why. I became immobile again and just could not leave. Although the hours and stress were horrendous and the pay far less than I deserved, I used the excuse that I liked the people in my office as the reason for staying. In January I called you about attending your class in hopes that I could find a way to better handle the stress and long hours because I just could not leave. Meanwhile, this situation had made my entire life miserable and caused a tremendous amount for my husband. In February, my boss hired a COO and I hoped my hours, pay and stress would improve under his management. None of that happened. He expects his "key" employees, which includes me, to work 60+ hours with no overtime pay. He is arrogant, demanding and difficult. By the time we were able to attend your class I was beyond miserable. I had updated my resume and had started checking on other jobs, but the idea of changing jobs again was almost as stressful as staying.

Attending your class could not have happened at a better time. So much of what you taught in the class applied directly to me and my situation. Your circles lesson finally allowed me to understand why I kept staying in a place where I was miserable and why I could not make myself leave.

After our class with you, I had two days off work to be with my sister-in-law while she had surgery. That gave me thinking time. I made some phone calls and before the two days were over, I had found two part-time jobs that would provide me with as much work as I needed for at least two months. Both jobs are working with people I know and respect. While I am working these two jobs the next two months, I am going to start my own book keeping business. I already have offers from several professionals, including an accountant and an attorney, who will help me get started for free and who will help me with referrals. When I returned to work on the 26th, I gave my two week notice and feel like a new person!

My husband and all my friends and family are incredibly supportive. They are so happy for me that I have made this decision. For the first time in years, I have a clear idea of everything being better. So much has happened since your class that I cannot believe that it was only TWO WEEKS AGO!!

Tell all your students about my experiences because I know this program will help anyone if it can help me this much in just two weeks. These techniques are like breathing to me now and I feel are just as necessary as breath to me in order to continue to move myself forward doing what I WANT to do. My husband and I thank you so much for your training and your continued support. We are very happy people.

(Note from Fran) The above student continued to progress in her business and life. At the end of 6 months in the new business, she hired two full time employees, moved into a new building with a lease-option to buy in one year and took a two week vacation with her husband, the first two consecutive weeks off in eleven years. 

December 28, 2006

Dearest Fran and Tova,

Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful educational program you teach at Stress Release Technology. I have been a faithful participant in the program for the last year and a half and what a difference it has made in my life and how I deal with day to day issues!

When I first made the commitment to practice your methods, I was over-stressed in many areas of my life. Your program helped me to eliminate many areas of stress by helping me re-program my brain to not jump to the stress issue, but to be able to think clearly through the stress and work to either eliminate the cause or accept that others actions did not have to result in a stressful reaction within me.

I have noticed that every 90 days I cycle through another level and more stress leaves my body and brain. I think clearer and function at a higher level than ever before. After using your techniques every day I see and feel the difference in my function and performance.

I have a child who was diagnosed ADHD and have been doing the exercises with her. She also says that it helps her thoughts to be "calm."

Thank you both for this wonderful technique. Sincerely,

Leisa Marie Medes
Mother, Teacher, Executive Chef

June 30, 2007

Dear Stress Release Technology

Where to begin? I have been using your system for over two years and words cannot describe how much it has helped me!

When I first started the program I was willing to try anything to be able to sleep better and think more clearly, I was involved in a verbally abusive relationship and had been mentally battered to the point where I could not sleep and thought of myself in an unattractive way. I have a high stress job that kept me from enjoying life after work. After completing the classes I committed myself to working the program for 90 days. Within the first three weeks I began to feel the difference in myself. I was sleeping better, feeling better and my confidence began to grow. After faithfully working the program for the first 90 days I had a mental breakthrough at work. I was able to conceive and execute a plan that saved my employer $200,000 a year by re-working an outdated labor system. Within the second 90 days I had a breakthrough in dealing with my verbally abusive partner. I stood up for myself for the first time in 10 years!

As my brain functioned better, my stress level decreased significantly. This is not to say that there wasn't stress at work and at home, but my coping with the stress was much more efficient. As a result of faithfully working the exercises I was able to think and function on a level that can only be described as miraculous! I began to set goals to accomplish for work and my personal life. The exercises helped me to think so that I could achieve the goals I was setting for myself.

I try to never miss a day of doing the exercises. When I do miss, I can tell because my thought pattern is not as clear and my energy level is not as high as when I do them. If anyone wants to feel better and feel less stressed, then they need to try Stress Release Technology. Your program has helped me in so many ways. Thank you so much for this breakthrough work! I will never stop doing the exercises as they "fix" my brain so that I can think and have tons of energy to accomplish all the things I wish to.

Indebted to you, Leisa Marie Medes

January 17, 2008

Dear Stress Release Technology

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much your program has helped me with EVERY aspect of my life. Putting into words the extent which your program has worked for me will be no small feat -everything about my life has changed for the better since I started working your program a little less than two years ago!

When I participated in the first group class offered on April 17, 2006, I did not know that I was getting involved in such a positive, life-altering program. I remember that there were 20 students in that class who sat quietly and listened to the logic behind the program. As I sat there, all the other students in the class faded away and I became the only person in the room - as if the class were being taught solely to me.

I was indeed searching for a program that relieved stress, enhanced sleep patterns, calmed my nerves, squelched my constant physical hunger from stress, helped me think more clearly, work objectively towards goals and have patience when my path crossed people less patient. I had tried everything from yoga to weight lifting, alternately stuffing my face to fill the stress hunger void to taking pills to stop the hunger, sleeping teas and sleeping pills, valerian root and xanex, walking miles at a time to walk off stress, biting my tongue to keep from biting someone else's head off, hours and hours of psychotherapy. I HAD TRIED IT ALL!! Nothing fixed everything. The exercise and walking helped me to be physically tired but did not help me become sleepy, it increased my appetite and did nothing for my hunger, the yoga helped with physical flexibility, but did nothing for mental flexibility when needed to deal with irritable people or people asking questions, the xanex helped me sleep, but left me with a terrible hangover and I couldn't think clearly. The appetite suppressants suppressed my appetites, but left me physically shaking and nervous. The psychotherapist prescribed Xanex for my nerves and diagnosed me with depression, and NOTHING HELPED ME DEFINE GOALS AND WORK TOWARDS THEM IN A CONSISTANT, SUCCESSFUL MANNER!

I sat in rapt attention as I realized that this program was the ONE thing that could deliver EVERYTHING that I was seeking. It isn't hard, doesn't hurt, and required no investment in extra equipment. As I began to practice what I was being taught, I IMMEDIATELY began to FEEL the difference within myself.

The first stress symptom to disappear was the sleeplessness that I had suffered from for years. My patience with other people re-appeared next -I stopped biting the heads off my employees and my child for asking questions.   My stress hunger disappeared and in its place a desire to eat more healthily, more scheduled, less calorie and fat filled foods. I lost weight in my midsection because I wasn't eating to fill an emotional void. I began to THINK CLEARLY - no longer was I a victim to my own knee-jerk reactions I could conceptualize a plan from A to Z and see the steps that had to be taken to reach the goal.

When I completed the class, I resolved to commit to working the program consistently for 90 days. The person who emerged at the end of that time period was happier, healthier and most importantly: LESS STRESSED! This is not to say that events no longer pop up that cause stress, but my ability to cope with the stress became, and continues to become, more efficient. As a result of faithfully working the exercises I am able to think and function on a level that can only be described as miraculous! I try to never miss a day of doing the exercises. When I do miss, I can tell because my thought pattern is not as clear and my energy level is not as high as when I do them.

If anyone wants to feel and function better in their lives and this world, they need to try Stress Release Technology. Your program has helped me in so many ways. Thank you so much for this breakthrough work! I will never stop doing the exercises as they "fix" my brain so that I can think and have tons of energy to accomplish all the things I wish to.


Leisa Marie Greer-Medes

December 26,2007

Dear Tova and Fran:

I have suffered from fibromyalgia for over 12 years. I have tried EVERYTHING that I could find to no avail.  I was truly at the end of my rope, when I just happened across SRT. What a change in my life this has been. I sleep at night without hands full of pills. I have a truly reviving sleep, not some drug induced facsimile. I now wake up in the morning so much more refreshed and at a reasonable hour.

I no longer have to take muscle relaxers, pain pills, and anti depressants daily. I have started walking for exercise and am starting back to my beloved gardening. The year 2008 is going to be a truly wonderful year. I have my life back! I enjoy my work and I am able to play. Life is good. To think that all it takes is a few simple exercises 3 times a day to truly cure what no one else was able to help me with. Everything about my life has improved. My husband and I thank you.

Gratefully yours, Judy McNeill