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stress reduction teamAs a principal in Stress Release Technology, Fran’s life was built on a foundation of survival.  A childhood spent with a mother medically diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic, bi-polar, and manic depressive set her up to learn how to survive situations that could have ended her life on any given day.  As you will read, later in life she had the opportunity to be glad for her childhood survival training.

Fran was always the target when her mother was overtaken with the urge to kill.  She still experiences pain from injuries her mother inflicted.  Because her younger brother was more like her mother there was less paranoia about him. Her mother did, however seriously injure him when he was eight years old.  Fran did not see the incident, which was reported as an accident. Her brother was rushed to the hospital with a serious head wound.  Her brother reported later that their mother had tried several times to kill him. This time was one time that couldn’t be hidden.

After that incident, Fran’s mother was admitted to a mental hospital for several months.  After Fran’s mother confessed to wanting to kill her babies, the doctors advised their father to foster the children to the care of relatives or friends and never leave them alone with their mother again.  Ignoring this advice, he changed  his working hours from daytime to evening which left the children alone with their mother until 11:00pm every day except Sunday.  He told Fran later in life that he just did not believe her mother was that dangerous. Fran’s mother was always protected by everyone, including her birth family.  The truth was hidden from all except a few neighbors and friends who would never have interfered.  Interfering just wasn’t done.

As a tragic result, Fran’s brother, beginning life as a beautiful, magical child, tested with a very high IQ, grew into an angry, violent person who lived a life of violence and crime, spending time in prison. Because he inherited his mother’s mental and emotional instability, the potential of his high IQ and natural charisma was lost to a wasted life of crime and broken families. This instability contributed to his failure to support two wives and nine children.

With the same inheritance of a high IQ and dynamic creativity, Fran, on the other hand, has always been a successful person.  Fran’s constant inner dialogue as a child was, “When I grow up, I will find out WHY!”  Stress Release Technology holds the answers she found.

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As a student Fran excelled. As a wife and mother, she worked to give her family the security and stability she did not have in childhood. Much of her success was because she felt this powerful need to prove her worth to herself having been denied any sense of worth as a child in her family life.

From the age of thirteen, she was an active member of her church, creating Sunday school programs for teens and senior church members. She represented her church in most conference activities until she moved away at age twenty-one.  As a student, she was a member of the original nation wide group of students that was tested to set the National Scholastic Honors Standards. She scored in the top 5%.  She also graduated #2 in her senior class.

As an educated and skilled volunteer activist, Fran worked in state-wide projects that secured civil rights for the physically and mentally challenged.  As a lay member of a state sponsored research group developing programs of intervention and education for drug, alcohol and domestic abuse, she helped to implement the programs after they were developed. These programs were voluntary for participants and a considerable amount of time had to be spent calming and educating them to come into the induction center where they would receive treatment. Because many of these people were violent she worked with body guards. She also worked with police, clergy, legal, and social services creating a rescue program for women and children in violent abuse situations and volunteered as a rescue team member often working under the cover of darkness to secure those in danger.

Fran helped to develop a program to identify individuals who would fund supervised semi-independent living homes for young adults with Downs Syndrome.  Her personal business sponsored one such home for years.

Many of the above activities included hours of time in lobbying political bodies and creating projects to influence public opinion in order to secure support and funding.  At the same time, Fran managed a self-created company of over one hundred consultants and took care of her family.  Stress Release Technology is the fifth business she has been involved in creating and guiding to success.

In the early l980’s, Fran’s twenty year marriage ended in divorce.  Her two sons elected to stay with her to finish their high school years.  Over the previous several years, she had developed a very successful direct sales business.  She expanded the business to support herself and her sons.  By 1983, Fran’s health had begun to deteriorate.  After two years of constant doctor visits and various treatments, she was diagnosed with colon tumors, suspected to be cancerous.  She was offered exploratory surgery, possibly ending in a removal of her colon.  She researched the condition as best she could and after several weeks decided that a “suspected” diagnosis was not specific enough to submit to such a surgery. She kept the diagnosis secret from her family and friends and decided to refuse the surgery and live as best she could for as long as possible.

This decision set Fran on the path of life that continues today.  Finding answers that involve active results remains the theme by which she lives.  Needless to say, she found answers that worked and has been cancer free since 1989. The best of these answers are included in the practice of Stress Release Technology education.

Since then, Fran has devoted her time and energy to the study of natural medicine, holistic health and the human energy field.  When she met her partner Tova Olkinetzky in 1993, Fran finally found a person as determined as she is to find out WHY.  As Tova was able to learn the techniques that had helped Fran so much, they were able to research together.  Tova and Fran spent most of their waking hours researching over the year between October 1994 and October 1995. At the end of 1995 they taught the first Stress Release Technology class to a few friends.

During that year of retreat and concentration, they both relaxed into totally different people. They have witnessed the same results repeated over and over in the students they have taught for the past thirteen years.  Now in its fourteenth year, Stress Release Technology continues to prove itself in success with over a thousand students. The stress relief testimonials of SRT students witness that truth.  The positive changes in Fran and Tova’s lives reflect similar results in the lives of all the students who practice STRESS RELEASE TECHNOLOGY.

As any student of SRT will tell you, “THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS!!”