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Stress Release Technology Group Classes

Group Classes

relieve your stressGroup classes to relieve stress are taught in an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. They are limited to 10 people per class. This allows for the dynamic chemistry of class participation and preserves the intimacy of learning. You will learn the education we created to heal ourselves. This is an education that lives and breathes in us and on its own. Stress Release Technology education is based on the latest accepted science of brain function and behavior. Examples used in teaching incorporate all learning styles. Question and answer sessions are included to give you a thorough understanding of how to use your education and tools once you complete your class. The information is dynamic, fun, and easy to learn. The practice you will learn to do takes very little time, yet produces extensive positive results. Fourteen years of success with hundreds of students have proved these results. We recommend follow-up private sessions to help you define your specific issues that will help your SRT process. One free private session is included with each group class tuition.