Relieving Stress

Stress Release Technology  - How You Can Relieve Your Stress

Stress Release Technology's unique educational and practical programs for relieving stress promote an understanding of how your brain learns, and how you can unlearn ingrained unproductive habits that are disturbing you in the here and now. relieving stress

You will learn natural biofeedback techniques to reintegrate your brain to a calmer state, temporarily free of stress. Then, as you recognize better behavioral choices and consciously take responsibility for new behavior, healthier habits are learned to avoid present and future disturbances and stress.

With repetition, this new pattern of behavior emerges as a permanent pattern, relieving your stress. With continued use of the Stress Release Technology program, you are able to reclaim more and more energy, you are able to maintain a better mood and your natural health is restored. These results have been confirmed with 20-channel EEG biofeedback showing the calming and merging of brain wave patterns, producing a calm, alert conscious state in the brain and personality.

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Stress Release Technology promotes personal performance at a much higher level. As evidenced by 19 years of experience with hundreds of students, these results continue evolving as long as Stress Release Technology is practiced. There seems to be no limit to the stress relief created by this program.

With Stress Release Technology you are not dependant on any person, device, equipment, surgery or drug, which often leave you with recurrences and relapses. Instead, you will learn and practice techniques that give you the skills literally to change any stress habits you want to change.

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Stress Release Technology does not contain any belief system or psychological or metaphysical therapies. It is a physical education that has been proven to create physical results.

Stress Release Technology is education, not therapy.

Stress Release Technology is something you DO, not just know about.

Stress Release Technology is self-education and self re-training that continues to evolve as long as it is practiced. As stress patterns are released and cleared, the changes become permanent. There is no regression.

We encourage you to call for a free interview, in person or over the phone, in which you may ask any questions. During the interview, you determine which setting would be best for you to learn your Stress Release Technology education. We offer private individual classes and group classes. 

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