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About Fran Carrigan


stress releaseIn November of 1985, Fran was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. The only treatment offered was radical surgery, with no promise of success. The decision to refuse the medical treatment set Fran on a path of discovery. Searching for a way just to survive her illness, Fran had no real belief that she could be well. Stress Release Technology (SRT) is the process that Fran researched and proved by regaining her health. “My experience proves that we can all get better and create the lives we truly desire, instead of living out past patterns over and over,” says Fran. “We have the knowledge and power within our brain function to retrain ourselves into health.” With 20 years of experience creating and facilitating workshop education, Fran is an inspiring teacher and has a personal magic few people can equal.

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About Tova Olkinetzky

Since 1984, Tova has had great success coaching one-on-one, as well as teaching and performing for large groups. While performing professionally as a violinist, Tova experienced intermittent paralysis which threatened her career. After trying many different treatments with little success, Tova found Stress Release Technology. The results were immediate and dramatic. The paralysis stopped and other long-term problems began to heal. Because of these powerful results, Tova joined Fran and together they began a research project into Stress Release Technology. In 1995 they began teaching together. Because of her commitment to education Tova trained in applied precision muscle testing and other applied physical therapies. Her dynamic personal charisma is inspiring to all who know her and her personal recovery—like Fran’s—is at the heart of SRT’s success.

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