Pricing Schedule

Different Pricing Schedules to Reduce Your Stress

Free Session:

pricing for stress reductionYour free session is an opportunity to express your needs privately. We carefully explain Stress Release Technology, how it was created and what you can expect from your education.  During your free session, your tuition options are thoroughly explained. There is no charge for this session.

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There are several different pricing options for your education tuition. Contact us today to find out more.

Private Classes:

In private class sessions you will spend up to 1 hours with Fran and Tova together for each session. Your initial private class package contains 4 sessions. Your specific issues are thoroughly identified and addressed. With private classes your scheduling needs are met and all material is provided.

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Group Classes:

In group classes you are given the general education and details on how to practice Stress Release Technology. Group classes are limited to ten people per class and include two sessions, each of which lasts 2 hours. One free private session is included in your group tuition. All material is provided. Preregistration and prepayment required for all group classes.

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Private sessions are available after the completion of your initial class (private or group). 

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