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Private Classes

relieve your stressPrivate classes allow Stress Release Technology to tailor your class to your specific needs. Kinesiology is the tool we use. Kinesiology is a non-invasive technique to gather information from your body. Your body has the answers to all of your needs and kinesiology can provide those answers. The word kinesiology comes from the Greek word kinesis which means motion. Kinesiology, therefore, is the study of body or muscle movement. Muscle testing will indicate how and where you are holding your stress. Stress is locked in your subconscious behavior. If you were conscious of your stress, you would be able to think your way out of your stress habits. Stress is the behavior of your subconscious. The body is the voice of the subconscious. As such,  muscle testing can identify the true issues causing you to react in stress. Kinesiology is also used in private classes to determine your best mode and sequence of learning. By using this advanced technique, your entire SRT experience is geared toward your specific needs in private sessions. Your individual sessions with Fran and Tova are 1 hours long. With private classes you enjoy complete privacy and your scheduling needs can be satisfied.