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Migun of Greenville

Migun of Greenville believes that an individualís health is directly related to how that individual treats his or her body. The use of the Migun thermal massage bed promotes physical and biochemical homeostasis in each individual who uses it. By offering the use of Migun beds to the public and encouraging people to purchase the bed for therapeutic in-home use, Migun of Greenville provides valuable preventative as well as restorative care to the Greenville area.
Migun of Greenville strives to be a successful company offering a leading health enhancement product to the public. We invite all people interested in achieving a better quality of life to try the Migun thermal massage system for FREE. Our goal is to provide complete client satisfaction, both in the demonstration center and through delivery and service after purchase of a Migun product.

The Creative Me: Graffiti of the Soul

The Creative Me is all about YOU! Our purpose at The Creative Me is to stimulate, inspire, and honor the unfolding of the creative spirit that lives within each and every person.

Foreign Staffing, Inc.

Foreign Staffing, Inc., a woman owned small business, is a provider of international/bilingual staffing and recruiting of professional and experienced personnel anywhere in the world.   

Do you have hard-to-fill international/bi-lingual openings? We can help!

We have spent the past 15 years establishing an infrastructure of bilingual candidates all around the world; we know where they are and how to quickly reach them.