How to Reduce Your Stress

Stress Reduction - How Do You Know if You Are Under Stress

What is Stress

The simple definition: Stress is created any time you cannot do exactly what you want to do when and how you want to do it. A stressor is anything that disrupts the normal balance of the brain/body system.

The explanation: Think of a two year old being told “No”. The behavior created in the child by that denied will is fueled by the emotion triggered by the chemistry of stress. The behavior of a more mature human being may be altered by socialization, yet the chemistry triggered in the brain is the same as the child. The intensity of reaction is more mentally deliberate in an adult, yet the chemical, physical response is identical to that of a two year old. The two year old uses the energy to express and mature and therefore stays healthy. The adult, however, learns to suppress the energy. This creates a disruption of balance of body function, eventually creating some form of dis-ease in the system.

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reduce your stressRegardless of an individual’s circumstances, personality, and history, the chemistry of stress is the same for everyone. The intensity of stress reaction is determined by genetics, as well as original imprinting during the first hours and days of life. Base lines of reaction to the environment are set quickly and intensely during these crucial first hours of life outside the womb. Our survival base lines are created chemically with intense energy and feeling. Since there is no higher brain function connection, our later reactive behavior can be confusing to us.

Reduce Your Stress – Learn More About the Causes of Stress

The chemistry of stress is created when our bodies move out of normal chemical balance into the unbalanced chemistry of fight or flight survival. Through constant chemicalization of stress hormones we teach our system to remain hyper alert to constant imagined threat.