Stress Release Technology Testimonials

    Insomnia, Procrastination

"I am sleeping through the night for the first time in years, feeling much more encouraged about the projects I haven't been able to complete, and just more positive about everything in my life. And I haven't even finished Class I! I don't understand it yet, but ladies, this stuff really works!!"

    Insomnia, Clear Thinking

"It's hard to believe that something this simple and easy works so fast and so well to relax me and help me to think clearly. I am sleeping so much better and am waking up ready to go after my day."

    Insomnia, Blood Pressure

“Could never have imagined the content of this class. I can see now why it is so hard for you to explain it without a person simply taking the class. I am still amazed after several months that these simple techniques can do so much. The results greatly outweigh the small effort of 10 minutes 3 times a day. I wake up smiling. I am sleeping well for the first time since childhood and my blood pressure is normal for the first time since I was 17. My doctor is amazed and puzzled, yet very happy for me.”

    Blood Pressure, Depression

“I want to report my results after six weeks of using SRT processes two or three times a day. Here are the stunning results. My doctor has taken me off blood pressure medicine for the first time in 10 years and off Prozac after 3 years. After a few weeks of practice you cannot prevent the positive changes as you can see. Words cannot express my gratitude.”

    Environmental Illness

"I have been so sick for so long and I know I am not well yet, but I feel so much better and am beginning to believe that I can be totally well from the environmental illness I have suffered for the past two years. All the treatments I have done have helped, but SRT has helped the most. I am faithful to practice every day."

"Use this letter any way you want, because I want and hope it will influence even one other person to listen to your training and use it. I have been ill for years with the symptoms of environmental sensitivity. My symptoms have become at least 75% less in the past three months. I can even work in my garden for the first time in years. I laughed at myself for making "mud tears" as I wiped the tears of joy with my dirty hands. Even as I am doing all this physical work I enjoy, I can hardly believe in my wellness. I have been in pain for so long. Not anymore!! Thank you doesn't seem enough."

    Stress of Illness

"This information and training has given me a new lease on life and the courage to keep on believing I can be well. The private sessions I have done with you both have opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at my life and my physical self. Nobody could have told me at my age I could be looking at the world with such a new attitude, especially with such a serious condition to overcome. My energy is way up and my mood is lifted and I feel so good when I do the movements. I am sleeping much better."

    Relationship Challenges

"I live a complicated life with relationships that are very stressful. Since at this time I cannot leave the relationships, I have chosen to use SRT to move myself into a place of calm and peacefulness so that I can succeed at my job which I love. It truly works for me and I am grateful for this method of practice that is so easy and takes so little time. It is hard to believe how much less anger I have in me and how much more energy I have that is motivated by calmness instead of stress. All my co-workers have noticed."

    Success in Meeting Goals, Artistic Creativity and Production

"I have realized more of my life dreams in the past year than all my years before. I have been successful in business most of my adult life, but my dreams went down the drain with the load of work success demands. I have not been as faithful to do my practice as my friend who brought me to you has, but I am very happy with the results so far. I have another trip planned and another dream to realize in the near future. I truly enjoy the private sessions with you two and look forward to another fun year.”


“During the first class session I began to see myself making different behavior choices than I usually do. I am convinced already that with the continued use of these techniques, I can continue to get out of my own way.”

“I feel that I have come farther in this first class than in the past five years of searching and working to make the corrections in my life that I knew needed to be made. After all that time and so much money spent, I am so thankful to find this simple process that works. You showed me clearly the process by which I have set myself up for failure and gave me the opportunity to gain insight about how to undo this process and then create a life I can be happy in and proud of.”

“Very pleased with the relaxed, non-invasive style. It was hard for me at first to come to terms with the equality of teacher-student you maintain in the class. I am so used to being talked down to by people who seem to have answers. I feel secure with your integrity and do not hesitate to recommend this work to anyone.”

"Let me tell you two ladies, this stuff is so much fun!! I feel like a kid again on the playground skipping rope or chasing boys or climbing trees or playing ball or riding my bike or just standing in one place and yelling for the fun of it! I smile a lot and laugh out loud just to release the happy energy I feel. My eyes are bright and I just love myself!! Thank you a million times."

“This education has taught me how to look at myself not in a right or wrong mode but just to see what really IS and know that I now have a method that works to change my habits easily. Your teaching style gave me the example of how to look at truth with no excuses or guilt and just choose again what I want.”

“I have taken many workshops in my search for release of stress without finding the information presented usable or practical in real life. I've never learned anything that works so quickly, easily and effectively. How simple and easy. I see major behavior changes and great improvement in physical well being after the first two weeks. You could never have convinced me of the changes in mind set. My whole personality is changing. I am becoming the lovely person I used to pretend to be. I am so proud of myself. Thank you from a truly happy heart.”

“I am more aware, seeing and hearing things I realize now that I usually miss. I have been faithful to practice the techniques three times a day now for about six weeks and now can tell you they work even better than you told us they would. I cannot credit anything else with these changes, too many to list, because I have been careful to keep my same schedule just to prove to myself that this stuff really works. WOW! DOES IT EVER!!”


“It amazes me that after only one class I learned something very new and outside the range of my experience so easily. Learning has always been hell for me because I was a slow learner. NO MORE! My thought process now feels like lightning.”


“Feel centered, calm at peace, light. My body is pain free which is stunning. My friends told me how fast SRT works, but I could not believe my body would turn loose of the pain so easily. I believe it now. I can also see clearly how I was causing the pain. The pain basically went away during the class and has not returned. Words cannot express my gratitude or feelings. I know, you know. Much love and blessings.”


“Here is the most amazing change in the past few weeks. I have always been terrified of the water and have not been able to enjoy myself anytime I was near it. I recently went on a cruise with my husband who pleaded with me to go scuba diving with him. It is his greatest pleasure. I wanted so much to please him; he is such a good man. I used the techniques you taught me and was able to get into the gear and into the water. As I continued to relax with the techniques, soon I was having the time of my life. My husband is amazed and we are so happy playing together. There are just no words.”

    Neck and Back Pain, Lack of Concentration Success

“I have seen great results in just a few short weeks. Stiffness in back and neck greatly diminished. Learning new information faster, concentration improved dramatically. Calmness inside, much more aware. Can't wait to see the long term results since the short term has been so successful.”

    Family Challenges, Lack of Concentration, Allergies, Eyesight

“Here is my story: greatly improved relationship with my mother, improved reading and comprehension skills, studying 15-30 min. per subject as opposed to 5-6 hours a day before, maintaining an A as opposed to C-B at best before, discontinued a lifetime habit of allergy medication, improved eyesight, greater self-esteem, greater awareness, many new friends with free time to enjoy them.”

    Hearing Improvement

“My doctors have had to change my hearing aid to a lower power 3 times in the last 4 weeks of doing my techniques. I am obviously hearing better.”

    Pain, Eyesight Improvement

"It is difficult to believe my pain level is down to maybe 10% of what it was when we met. After 12 surgeries and 15 years of suffering, this is almost more than any mind can accept. I have to talk to myself constantly as I train myself that life without pain is possible. Thank you for your encouragement and instruction as I correct my belief system to accept a pain free life. Even my eye sight has improved about 25% and I have new glasses. Thought something was wrong--yet it was something else better."

    General success

“I can remember thinking as you taught us the circles lesson, that the possibilities of the knowledge and practice are endless. This education has placed me firmly in the driver's seat of my life. I am going fast forward now with new choices of behavior.”

    Range and Quality of Voice Production

“As I have demonstrated, my singing voice range has expanded several notes at both ends of the scale. I have been offered a great new job with an opportunity for the big roles.”

    Range and Quality of Voice Production, Artistic Creativity


"I came to the SRT class seeking help with my singing voice. Over a period of eight weeks seeing you once a week for a private appointment and completing the five movements three times a day, I now have the singing voice I have always wanted. My heart is full of happiness and I credit all this to your work. This week I was notified I have been accepted into the professional choir that you know was my dream goal. I had despaired of ever being accepted, yet now my dream is realized with your help. Thank you from a very happy heart."

    Mind Racing

"Has anyone ever told you that the mind chatter stops using this SRT method? I decided to write and share this great change in myself in case I am the only one realizing this great event. (This is a consistent result. Ed. note) This stuff works much faster and better than you told us in the class. I never knew there could be such inner quiet and peace. My heart is full of love and appreciation for the great opportunity your work has given me to change my life. My commitment is to continue to live my life in this new knowledge of myself and always be aware of the anticipation of pleasure which keeps me well and proud of myself."

    Clear thinking, Concentration, Weight Loss


"Here are my amazing facts after three months. I am calm, confident, full of energy, and organized at home and work for the first time ever. I have clarity. I see and implement solutions without excessive energy or anger. I act quickly and correctly. I am being seriously considered for a great new job that will place me years ahead of the slow pace I was in before I learned this wonderful process of SRT. I have lost 15 pounds in the three months I have been faithfully practicing my 5 SRT movements every day. Thank you two for having the courage to get well and for teaching your methods to me and to all the others your work has helped. You walk your talk better than any people I have ever met and I continue to be motivated by the example of equality you personify. Your work has saved me years of struggle trying to move my career where I deserve."